Parent Portal

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

The Infinite Campus Parent & Student Portal is not a mobile interface. You will need to access it from a regular computer. While Infinite Campus does offer an iPhone and Android app, because several of our sending Schools run Infinite Campus, configuring the Mobile App to ECTS will break your connection to the Home School. Therefore at this time we are not promoting the use of the Mobile App. Additionally, our student data cannot is not directly connected to your district systems, therefore, we encourage you to use our Portal regularly, for the most accurate, and in depth ECTS information.

To access the Parent Portal for the first time, you will need the introduction letter which you should have recieved in the mail in August, introducing you to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal; where an Activation Key would have been provided. If you do not have this letter, you may need to contact the High School Office at (814) 464 - 8602, or via your student's instructor to have a new one printed and sent home.

We are working very hard to bring you as much access to your student information as possible. The transition to Infinite Campus has introduced several opportunities, as well as challenges. We appreciate your patience as we transition.